What our Students Says?

Asmita Thapa, Nepal 2nd, Audit and Assurance (AA)

SEED Financial Academy has guided us step by step through the ACCA syllabus and beyond, in developing relevant employability skills too. The competent faculty of teachers and the dynamic management have always created a very well-equipped and interactive learning environment, and have always been immensely motivating. The healthy academic competition among students further adds to the learning culture. With SEED, we are one step ahead in being outstanding in the ACCA job market.

Sonika Maharjan, Nepal 1st , Advanced Audit & Assurance

Indubitabely, Seed financial academy is the college that bridges the gap ACCA students have been facing . The Proficient tutors concentrates not only on passing the exam papers but also provides guidance to fulfill PER requirements and become petitioned ACCA qualified member. The initiative programs such as “Employment Skills” helps us to become front runner in today’s competitive market. Digitalised classroom and library full of resources further embellishes the learning procedure. It feels proud to be a part of SEED.

Sagar Kafle, Nepal 1st , Audit and Assurance (AA)

No doubt I have made the best decision of my career by joining Seed Financial Academy. I am grateful to Seed and all the tutors for their guidance and support. Along with academics, they provide us the skills set (like Employment Skill paper and excursion) which is really beneficial once we dive into our professional career. I believe practical approach adapted by Seed in learning and the skills set learnt at Seed will be the most valuable asset.

Biju Kamar , Nepal 2nd (Financial Reporting), Nepal 3rd ( Audit and Assurance)

I am grateful to Seed Financial Academy for providing an environment for us to grow and learn in as professional students, supporting and facilitating us with not only the top quality tutoring services but also some essential out-of-syllabus skills to make us work ready. Seed achieving a great height as an institution within a considerably short period of time is but just another evidence that it strives to improve its students’ caliber and truly help them grow. I believe that with the cohesion of one’s consistent hard-work, Seed’s outstanding education facilitation and ACCA’s dynamic nature, fit for today’s corporate world, one can achieve an advantageous leap in their professional career.

Samartha Suwal  Nepal Topper , World Rank 6th , Advanced Financial Management

“Having attempted the majority of my papers without any classes and experiencing first hand that the professional levels were a different beast all together in terms of scoring good marks, I opted for Seed for my AFM paper. And, it’s safe to say, it was the right choice. The classes were on point and the guidance that I received from the tutor, Sir Pushparaj Panthi and Seed was a major contributor to the marks that I ended up getting. From mock exams, to having books in the library, to the help from everyone involved, Seed has been a very resourceful aid in my journey”

Saroj Dangal, World Rank holder

As a student of Seed Financial Academy, I have gained both skills and confidence to boost my ACCA journey.  It is needless to say Seed has provided us with desirable quality regarding the preparation of ACCA’s exam as well as activities to enhance an individual’s competency in the workplace when we jump into our professional career.  Digital teaching facilities by a prominent team of faculty further add value regarding the quality of education served.  Seed has always been excellent at in terms of resources including library and computer labs as well as has been guiding us to be technically and professionally able.  I would highly recommend Seed for those students who are seeking for best learning provider for their ACCA journey.

Alisha Shrestha, Nepal Rank holder

I’m glorified to be part of most leading ACCA Tuition Provider in Nepal. The timeless efforts of proficient management team and accomplished faculty member to deliver best education enable us to pursue bright future. The support and guidance provided by SEED boost our growth both personally and professionally. The peaceful studying environment, adequate study resources and practical knowledge with well conducted lecturers provoke me to prioritize SEED on the top of my list of ACCA Tuition Provider.

Bhupendra Bhari ACCA Affiliate, Nepal Rank holder

Seed Financial Academy has always believed in helping and guiding students in achieving their dreams. It has been known to have the top level faculty in town, which helps students, not only in terms of the syllabus but also in other various areas such as writing skills, exam timings, and reading skills, which is needed for every examination. It also provides all the resources needed for the exams beforehand. In addition to this, I believe that the exam technique is key to passing all the ACCA exams, and I also think that Seed Financial Academy has always worked on every aspect to make the students ‘exam ready’ and in boosting their level of confidence in such matters. The studying environment is amazing, with well-equipped classrooms, library and the modern teaching method has made learning fun. Moreover, it also provides handholding support for students throughout their membership. For example, it has introduced “Employment skills”, which makes the students ready to face any problems and challenges during their employment phases. Seed Financial Academy has also entered in partnership with various audit firms to help their students get enrolled for employment easily. Lastly, it is definitely one of the top approved learning providers in Nepal.

Govinda Shrestha, Nepal Rank holder

I am very fortunate on choosing SEED Financial Academy for my ACCA classes and career development. The experienced faculties are the building blocks of scholars as seeds are planted and grown until the maturation of professional accountants. The adequate study materials and satisfactory reading environment provided by Seed has made students comfortable on achieving their goals. In addition, “Employment Skills” module has aided the students in completing their 36 months’ practical experience. There is no doubt that Seed is the best ACCA College in Nepal to develop yourself as a professional accountant.

Suman Karki, Nepal Rankholder

It has been an amazing experience for me to be a part of renowned Seed Financial Academy which has helped me a lot in my ACCA journey. I am thankful for all the lecturers and staff members for all the efforts made for us to create a dynamic Learning environment and providing a well-equipped learning infrastructures with digitalized classroom, library and other study resources. Likewise, along with the subject matter of ACCA, Seed also provides us an “Employment Skills” paper which is for sure is beneficial for student when their start their professional career.

Ujjwal Ghimire, Nepal Rank holder

Surrounded by wonderful faculty, I find the academic environment of Seed to be incredible. Having explored multiple colleges, nowhere other did I find this level of dedicated mentoring and personal care. The meaningful discussions and teaching approach have not only helped me to clear the exams but have shaped my thinking ever since.  It’s a privilege to be here at Seed. If you are willing to go for ACCA and have the opportunity to attend Seed, gladly take it!

Shovana Dahal, Nepal Rankholder

I believe ACCA is an excellent program for those who wish to pursue their career in finance and accounting. For me, this journey has been more promising due to immense support and guidance from the Seed Financial Academy. The team has well-experienced tutors, along with skill enhancing programme and unlimited access to study resources which definitely has boosted my knowledge and skills required for this qualification. I am thankful to the entire team for their contribution and wish it will embark remarkable success in the field.