Message from our CEO

Seed Financial Academy was established to address the need for quality and result-driven teaching of professional courses like ACCA, in Nepal. Students currently struggle to access the resources and support required to succeed on professional courses, with academic courses dominating the curriculum. At Seed Financial Academy, we are dedicated to the provision of eminent professional education at our state-of-the-art campus, with interactive, tech-based learning. Our mission is to coach students, not only academically, but prepare them for successful professional careers with our complementary courses in interpersonal skills, resilience, and personal development.

Whilst there has been positive feedback in terms of the technical knowledge students gain through current courses of higher education, market leaders and major employers have expressed dissatisfaction regarding the absence of desirable practical and social skills in graduates.

Seed Financial Academy addresses the need of employers in Nepal by producing experienced students equipped to meet role requirements and, in many instances, exceed them; providing new perspectives and innovative solutions to inspire growth within firms.


Mr. Ananta Gautam ACCA,MBA,BSc



Our mission is to continuously strive to be one of the best ACCA College in Kathmandu,Nepal by providing affordable, progressive and high quality education to students and help them achieve their educational and career goals.


Our vision is to be the leading educational institution of first choice and help student contribute to shaping the future.