Applying for the Scholarship at Seed Financial

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Applied Knowledge Level

Yearly 100% Scholarship Test

100% scholarship for 6 students which covers all the fees for APPLIED KNOWLEDGE LEVEL (FIA) level including tuition fee, exam fee and college resources.

Tuition Fee
College Resources
Exam Fee

Based on +2 GPA

Face to face class option

Face to face class option: GPA 3.6-3.9 upto 15% scholarship

Blended Class Option

Blended class option: GPA 3.4-3.9 upto 17.5% scholarship


Applied Skills and Strategic Professional level

Based on FIA+ LW Final Exams Result

80% in each 4 papers of FIA+LW. 100 % Scholarship on 2nd Level Face to Face Papers (FR, TX & AA).
80% aggregate in 4 papers of FIA+LW: 50 % Scholarship on 2nd Level Papers (FR, TX and AA).

Based on Skills and Professional Final Exams Result

80 or above in any Skills paper (except LW), Next 1 Professional level paper full scholarship.

Nepal Rank
Next 1 Professional level paper Full Scholarship.
Next 1 Professional level paper 50% Scholarship.
3rd - Next 1 paper Professional level 25% Scholarship.
World Rank
All paper full scholarship plus Cash Prize.
Next 5 paper full scholarship
Next 3 paper full scholarship
If World Topper in last paper, Cash Prize.

Conditions of Scholarships on Applied Skills and Strategic Professional Level

We kindly request that scholarship recipients sit for the relevant exam within two exam sessions for Skills level papers, except for LW, and within 30 days for FIA level and LW, or as scheduled by the Management, whichever is later.

For instance, if a student enrolls in the FR class for the June 2020 Intake, we encourage them to sit for exams by December 2020 to be eligible for the scholarships.

Your cooperation in adhering to these timelines is greatly appreciated.