ACCA Fee Structure in Nepal

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ACCA Fee Structure 2022

ACCA Fee structure for the year 2022.

Year Admission Fees ACCA Registration Course And Exam Fees Total
Year 1 15,000 8,000 184,105 207,105
Year 2 136,120 136,120
Year 3 97,075 97,075
Year 4 75,840 75,840
Total in NPR NPR 15,000 NPR 8,000 NPR 494,535 NPR 516,140
  1. All Fees payable to ACCA are at current prices and may change in the future.
  2. In addition, Subscription Fee is also payable to ACCA directly.
  3. Books for Applied Knowledge level and LW is included within the Course Fee.

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