ACCA Vacancy at Accounting for International Development

Job Title : Accounting for International Development

Number of Vacancy : N/A

Qualification : ACCA

Experience : Qualified accountant

Job Description

Accounting for International Development offers every type of accountant, from anywhere in the world the opportunity to use their skills to support a broad range of non-profit organisations globally. Volunteer Accounting Assignments of between 2 weeks and 6 months form part of our ongoing strategy to build the financial management capacity of charities in over 50 countries. Click APPLY for more…NGO protecting the human rights and well-being of children [108]
Pro bono


2 weeks

Our partner supports the education of underprivileged children, as well as addressing the lack of family income to support their education, domestic and gender-based violence and psychosocial problems arising from the civil war.

Past AfID volunteers have undertaken an assessment of their accounting systems, processes and controls, helped them move from a manual accounting system to QuickBooks, and coached the accountant on day-to-day accounting as well as financial management.

They have been through a lot of changes in the finance function over the last year. The Finance Coordinator that AfID volunteers worked with left over a year ago and since then they have had 2 Finance Coordinators who also left. They now have a new Finance Coordinator and a new Finance Officer that need training and mentoring.

Your role will be threefold and include: 

  • Reviewing the financial policy and procedures to identify any gaps in practice and in knowledge and provide training on these areas in particular (but not exclusive):
    • Ensuring their monthly budget vs expenditure is done properly and, if not, identify why and provide support.
    • Reviewing the financial reporting mechanism. The Board required financial reporting every 3 months while some donors require it every quarter or every 6 months. You will review what is in place, the requirements and provide support to the FC and FO to improve reporting and strengthen their capabilities.

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