Vacancy for ACCA at Certified College of Accountancy

Job Title : Examiner

Number of Vacancy : N/A

Qualification : ACCA

Experience : N/A

The role of an ACCA examiner for SBR involves several responsibilities and plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and integrity of the examination process. Here are some key aspects of the ACCA examiner role for SBR:

  1. Setting Exam Papers:
    • Examiners are responsible for creating examination papers that accurately assess the knowledge and skills outlined in the SBR syllabus.
    • They must ensure that the questions are clear, relevant, and cover a representative range of topics within the subject.
  2. Quality Assurance:
    • Examiners work closely with the Main Lecturer to maintain high standards of quality and consistency in the examination process.
    • They participate in training sessions and meetings to align their understanding of the syllabus with ACCA guidelines.
  3. Marking and Grading:
    • Examiners are involved in the marking process, assessing the responses of candidates in accordance with pre-defined marking schemes.
    • They play a key role in maintaining consistency in marking and adhere to agreed-upon grading criteria.

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