ACCA CBE Exam Booking

April 15, 2020

Before going to ACCA CBE exam booking, we need to know the exam system of ACCA. ACCA is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking professional accounting bodies in the world provides you the most flexible and upgraded study options as well as exam options.

To cope up with the changes required by the world-class employers, there are regular changes in the way of pursuing the qualification either in study options or in exam options. Also, the options might be different for different countries. Here we will be discussing the current examination formats that ACCA is having in Nepal.

ACCA is Currently Using Three Examination Formats.

  1. On-demand CBE (Computer Based)
  2. Session CBE
  3. Paper Based


1.On-demand Computer Based Exams (CBEs)

On-demand CBEs can be booked and held the whole year on students’ demand and as per the working days of the exam center. Students can sit on-demand CBE exams for the first four papers only. Below are the 4 subjects available for the on-demand CBEs:

  1. All three subjects of Applied Knowledge Level: Accountant in Business (AB), Management Accounting (MA), Financial Accounting (FA)
  2. One subject from Applied Skills: Corporate and Business Law – LW (F4)

To conduct these exams, ACCA has various licensed CBE centers globally who support the students to book and hold the exams. In Nepal, most of the licensed institutions are in Kathmandu. To book the on-demand CBEs, follow these simple procedure:

  1. Prepare for the exams and make yourself ready to score good marks
  2. Find a licensed institution that can support you with the booking
  3. Choose an exam date suitable for you and check the availability of the date with the institution
  4. Pay the exam fee to the institution directly
  5. Sit for the exam on the selected date
  6. After the completion of the exam, a provisional result shall be displayed on the screen and the result shall be transferred to your myACCA profile within 72 hrs.

2.Session Computer-Based exams

ACCA Session CBEs are computer-based exams that are designed to reflect your work experience by using the same technologies used on a day-to-day basis as a professional accountant.

Five subjects of the Applied Skill level are examined by this format.

  1. Performance Management (PM) – F5
  2. Taxation (TX) – F6
  3. Financial Reporting (FR) – F7
  4. Audit & Assurance (AA) – F8
  5. Financial Management (FM) – F9

Previously, these subjects used to be examined on paper-based formats. To upgrade the qualification with the current and future requirements from the employers, ACCA has changed the examination format technically.

These Session CBEs are conducted by the ACCA itself and is not related to the licensed CBE center.

To book session CBE exams, you can visit this link Plan and Book Exams select the subject, and choose an exam center as per your location.


3.Paper-Based Exams

In Nepal, all the subjects of strategic professional level are examined in paper-based.

These exams can be booked similar to the Session CBEs.

To know more about the exam planning, preparation, and booking, you may visit any Approved Learning Partner or a Licensed CBE Centre and talk with the support team.

Seed Financial Academy is an institution that is both an Approved Learning Partner and a licensed CBE Centre where you can find a very supportive team to help you plan your ACCA Journey in an effective way. You may visit Seed Financial Academy for more updates and arrange an appointment at Contact Us Page.