Pass Rates for ACCA Exams

What is the Pass Rates for ACCA Exams?

November 16, 2022


Knowing the pass rates from prior attempts might be beneficial while preparing for your ACCA tests. However, in spite of all the, pass rates and a good percentage of yourself we advise you not to take the ACCA exam simply. Pass rates fluctuate often, thus a high percentage doesn’t always mean the test is simpler. Depending on the pass rates of each module do not think the module is easier than others. Similarly, looking at the low pass rates, you shall never regard the modules are difficult and contribute all your time to them. Instead, what you may do is, you can highlight areas where pupils are having difficulty, which might be useful for your study planning.

So what exactly are the pass rates per module for ACCA College in Nepallet’s check them out below:

ACCA Pass Rates – March 2022 Exam

In March 2022, there were 3,090 prospective members who passed the necessary examinations to become ACCA Affiliates. The number of total students who enrolled in the ACCA was definitely higher however the pass rate seems to be less. There are several factors affecting this result. Remotely invigilated tests, which are becoming a crucial component of the way the ACCA delivers exams, were taken by 9,173 people in various authorities. The achievements are a credit to the devotion and diligence of the students who used the wide range of interesting ACCA learning resources at their disposal, including examiners’ reports, videos, and expert podcasts, to help them pass their exams. Importantly, the ACCA itself regularly updates the material for the Qualification to make sure employability is a key component. This guarantees that ACCA will continue to produce professional accountants with a strategic mindset that the private and public sectors require.

ACCA Pass Rates by Subject

ACCA QualificationPass rate (%)
Applied Knowledge
BT – Business & Technology83%
FA – Financial Accounting71%
MA – Management Accounting67%
Applied Skills
LW – Corporate and Business Law85%
TX – Taxation51%
FR – Financial Reporting50%
PM – Performance Management40%
FM – Financial Management50%
AA – Audit and Assurance44%
Strategic Professional – Essentials
SBL – Strategic Business Leader50%
SBR – Strategic Business Reporting46%
Strategic Professional – Options
AAA – Advanced Audit and Assurance33%
AFM – Advanced Financial Management43%
APM – Advanced Performance Management34%
ATX – Advanced Taxation38%

Challenges and How to Face Them

As mentioned above there are several factors contributing to the pass rates. Let’s discuss some of the most common challenges that students find while preparing for ACCA and also discuss their solutions. The need to keep a schedule is common among students, therefore having inconsistent hours may make life more difficult. Little things like your daily commute may have an impact on how much time you have to study. Comparably, balancing the responsibilities of work and school may be very challenging. There will be pressure on you to perform well at work and to study well on your own time. If you want to study for the ACCA while working, you’ll likely be under pressure pretty much all the time, therefore you’ll need to be able to handle it.

A student in the highly-evolved ACCA Professional Scheme, which incorporates assessments, a professional ethics module, and practical experience, is entirely different from an ACCA student in Nepal.

Motivation is crucial if you want to finish difficult work or succeed in anything. If you are highly motivated, you can do anything. Most of you would be driven to study for and pass the ACCA by the desire to make money. According to a poll the organization conducted, 61% of ACCA members noticed a rise in their ACCA income after earning their certificate. This might provide inspiration for ACCA study while working. If you work while taking the exam, you can fast pay the ACCA exam fees. A certification from the ACCA could make you stand out from the crowd on your resume.

You will be able to skip the line while applying for a new job with many of other applicants thanks to your ACCA certification. Furthermore, it will help you keep your job when there is a market crisis and layoffs are taking place. Your ACCA certification in this circumstance enables you to support your employer with audit, tax, and corporate law concerns. The ACCA is such a broad qualification that you can work in taxation, auditing, and budgeting in addition to accountancy. Studying for the ACCA also enhances your critical thinking skills, which will help you see situations and problems from new perspectives.


Remember that passing your ACCA tests is challenging, thus the best way to prepare for every exam is to devote the same amount of time, energy, and devotion to each one. Pass rates can provide you with a solid indication of the areas in which previous students failed, although they can vary from sitting to sitting. The Examiner’s Reports are a great place to start if you’re worried about starting to study or are having trouble passing an exam. They explain precisely where students erred and what you can do to prevent those errors.