factors for acca exam

ACCA Exams Difficulty Level

April 6, 2023

The Association of Chartered Certified Accounts, ACCA, is considered to be one of the toughest courses to study and pass the exam. ACCA exams are categorized into three tires and as the level increases difficulty increases as well. The qualification has a reputation for being rigorous and demanding, and it requires a high level of commitment and dedication from students

Major Factors Influencing the ACCA exams Difficulty Level

1.Educational Background

Talking about Nepal, accounts is an optional subject in many schools. Students get to choose accounting subjects after their 10th, so the ones who chose management in their high school are likely to have less problem than the ones who aren’t from accounting backgrounds.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean it’s easy for people with accounting background, they might be familiar to terms of accounting which might help them. But it’s completely on student how much they have prepared themselves for the exam of ACCA

2.Going through the syllabus

There is a tendency in many students to study only certain portion of syllabus which can help them gain pass marks only. This is where the students are going wrong, ever subject must be given equal priority.

Further, it’s not always necessary you’ll remember whatever you have read, so if a stiffened forgets anything he has read, it automatically means he won’t pass. So, it’s very important to give equal priority to ever chapters if any one wants to pass ACCA exams

3. Over stressing and time management problem:

 The other factor that is hampering the students perform is over stressing, many students don’t sleep much and keep on revising all night by the fear of failing. As said, “too much of everything is bad”. Likewise, not getting a proper rest before exam can make your mind dull and results in less efficiency which directly hampers the exam.

Students should maintain their calm while giving exams. The more you panic themore you make mistakes. So, it’s very important to be in peace and focus.

The other problem is time management, many students know the answer but are very slow on writing it. Before appearing in any exam one should practice, they should set timer and try solve the solution questions, so that they can manage time while giving the ACCA exam and not miss anything.

4.Constant Revision:

Many students have tendency to read when exams are only a week away. In most cases, the revisions are done haphazardly, no times are allocated for a specific subject, students try to understand the surface of the chapters rather than in depth study. And hence, during the exam if they forget a word they forget everything.

ACCA is a tough subject, there should be a daily revision. Everything that has been taught should be revised daily. Or else, there is no way one can pass ACCA exams just after a week of studying.

There is a thing in students which is called “over-confidence”, once they feel they’re prepared they stop revising. Therefore, it’s good to be confident but even wiser to revise it multiple times.

5. Passion and dedication

 Many students lack motivation these days. Many joined ACCA because their parents wanted them to or their friends joined or it’s a cool subject to show off. But if you’re not dedicated, passionate, and serious about ACCA, you won’t be able to pass. Besides joining ACCA means giving your full time to the course until you finish it. Dedication is very important, one should always know what s/he wants from the thing they are doing is or else they would not succeed.

6.Practice as much as possible

 Before you appear in exam you should be prepared for it. Reading and writing is the main mantra to pass any exam. After you finish studying it’s very important to practice and know which level are you in or are you prepared well or not. Nevertheless, student should practice the solution multiple times, be sure of s/he is doing.

Besides, doing this also boost the confidence level of any student. It also helps students in time management.

Lastly, even though, ACCA exams are tough but it’s not impossible to clear. Students should be determined towards their studies and prepare themselves well. Henceforth, one can easily pass the exam if they are well prepared, confident towards their revisions, and is good at managing time