First Platinum Approved Learning Partner in Nepal

April 13, 2023

What is ACCA’s Platinum Approved Learning Partner? How has Seed Financial Academy managed to achieve the title

ACCA, or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is a globally recognized professional accounting body that offers a range of qualifications and certifications to individuals seeking to become qualified accountants. As a prestigious institution, the ACCA only partners with the best training providers to deliver high-quality education and training to its students.

The approval levels in this model are divided into three layers, namely Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Silver: This is for learning providers that are new to the teaching ACCA and are not quite there to match the ACCA requirements for Gold Approval.

Gold: This qualification is for institutes providing tuition and training services for ACCA and Foundations in Accountancy. To get this certification, the learning provider has to meet a lot of targets set by ACCA

Platinum: To get this certification, the institute should have ACCA as a part of their regular course delivery. In addition to this, they also have to meet the qualifications required in Gold and meet pass targets and a few other goals.

Among these partnerships, the ACCA has a select group of approved partners who have attained the highest level of recognition – Platinum Approved Partner status.

ACCA’s Platinum Approved Partner program is a recognition that is awarded to select institutions that meet the stringent standards set by the ACCA. These institutions have demonstrated a commitment to delivering high-quality training and education to their students, providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise to excel in their accounting careers.

The Platinum Approved Partner status is only awarded to those institutions that meet specific criteria. These include having a strong reputation in the industry, providing a high standard of facilities and resources, and maintaining a track record of producing successful ACCA students. The program is designed to ensure that students receive the highest standard of education, training, and support throughout their ACCA journey.

The benefits of studying with an ACCA Platinum Approved Partner are numerous. Firstly, students can be assured that the training provider they have chosen is of the highest standard, and has been vetted by the ACCA to ensure that they deliver quality education. This means that students can be confident in the knowledge that they are receiving the best possible training, which will equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their accounting careers.

Secondly, students studying with an ACCA Platinum Approved Partner have access to a range of additional resources and support services. These can include study materials, online resources, and dedicated support teams who are on hand to answer any questions or queries that students may have. This additional support can be invaluable to students, especially those who are studying while working or who have other commitments that make studying difficult.

Finally, students studying with an ACCA Platinum Approved Partner have access to a network of alumni who have already completed the ACCA program. This can be an excellent resource for students, as they can learn from the experiences of those who have already completed the program and gain valuable insights into the industry.

In conclusion, studying with an ACCA Platinum Approved Partner is an excellent choice for anyone looking to pursue a career in accounting. These institutions have been recognized by the ACCA as providing the highest standard of education, training, and support to their students. As a result, students who choose to study with an ACCA Platinum Approved Partner can be confident that they are receiving the best possible training and support, and are well on their way to a successful career in accounting.

Seed Financial Academy is the first and only PLATINUM Approved Learning Partner of ACCA in Nepal. Platinum status is given to handful of institutions worldwide and is the highest and most prestigious level of approval, available to learning providers who teach ACCA Qualification