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August 12, 2019

Seed Financial academy timely organizes a practice test for different courses we offer, the tests are held weekly, monthly or daily on the requirement basis. In acca practice exam we aim that students get more and more confidence in the test process of the course. Recently On 10th August 2019, we organized a Question-Based Day (QBD) for TX Students taking their exams this September.

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ACCA Practice Test

Practice Tests are an interactive study support resource, which will replicate the format of all the exams which are available as on-demand computer-based exams (CBEs). They will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses before you take an exam.

What is QBD?

Question-Based Days are a chance for students to practice exam questions under exam conditions with immediate one to one feedback.

What is the Format of QBD at SEED?

The format of the day is generally:

  • The tutor gives a short set up for each question including question technique
  • Students do the questions to time
  • The scripts are handed to a marker to mark whilst students do the next question
  • Tutor gives back scripts and debriefs the question with students
  • Over the day, the question set-ups decrease as the student gains confidence in their own ability.

The last session will be either short form questions or a quiz whilst the marker completes the marking for the last question. The final scripts are given back with the mark for that question plus the overall percentage for the day and the student’s class position.


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How can practice tests help you?

Practice Tests are a great revision aid. They are developed to the same quality standards as live exams and will provide you with:

    • a realistic reflection of your performance
    • a personalized feedback diagram to help you plan and focus your final revision activity
    • experience of the exam environment, so you know what to expect in advance of a live exam.

Practice Tests are available online instantly anytime, anywhere and should be used once you’ve studied the full syllabus.

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