ACCA Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

February 9, 2021

Study ACCA Advanced Financial Management in Nepal

Financial administration includes arranging, analyzing, coordinating, and controlling the financial exercises of an association including obtainment and usage of the assets. It applies the overall standards of the executives to the financial assets to expand the financial profits of organizations. Advanced Financial Management is a high-level course in Financial Management. The members are expected to have a foundation in administrative money.

Objectives of ACCA AFM course

During the course, there will be change and growth in ideas such as corporate valuation, genuine alternative valuation, financing choices, profits and repurchases, consolidations and acquisitions, corporate rebuilding, and hazards. Every point will be outlined with contextual investigations. The investigations will be produced using the point of view of the leader or the perspective of the investigator. The motivation behind the choice will be to make an incentive for the proprietors. During the course, one will find out the hazard factors going with the choices taken. To that end, the genuine alternative methodology will be utilized.

While taking care of every one of the themes consideration will be paid to the worldwide setting of the financial what’s more, venture choices taken. Examination of the unique issues by applying the general ideas of financial administration in developing business sectors are done.

ACCA Advanced Financial Management Syllabus

The Advanced Financial Management (AFM) test creates upon the center financial administration information and abilities canvassed in the Financial Management schedule and sets you up to prompt administration as well as customers on complex key financial administration issues confronting an association. The prospectus begins by investigating the job and obligation of a senior leader or counselor in gathering contending necessities of partners inside the business climate of multinationals. The schedule then reconsiders speculation and financing choices, with the accentuation moving towards the essential outcomes of settling on such choices in a homegrown, just as global, setting. You are then expected to grow further warning abilities in arranging key acquisitions and consolidations and corporate re-associations.

There are 5 segments in the prospectus, which are

  1. Role of a senior financial adviser in the multinational organization.

Clarify and assess the job and duty of the senior financial chief or consultant in gathering clashing necessities of partners and perceive the job of worldwide financial organizations in the financial administration of multinationals.

  1. Advanced investment appraisal

Assess potential venture choices and evaluating their financial and vital outcomes, both locally and globally.

  1. Acquisition and mergers.

Survey and plan acquisitions and consolidations as an elective development technique.

  1. Corporate reconstruction and re-organization.

Assess and prompt on option corporate re-association systems.

  1. Treasury and advanced risk management strategies.

Apply and assess elective progressed depository and danger the board methods.

Exam Structure of ACCA AFM

This exam possesses a total time of 3 hours and 15 minutes in which the questions are divided into 2 groups:- Group A and Group B.

Group A will solely be of 50 marks, which will contain four professional marks in which you are required to assemble a business document, for example, a report or an instructions paper for the governing body.

Group B comprises of two obligatory 25 marks questions. All the questions from this group will be scenario-based and contain a fusion of calculation and narrative marks.