Business and Technology

November 23, 2020

The Business and Technology BT is a key foundation level subject that students need to complete on their journey to becoming ACCA. It is a Computer Based Examination CBE in which students can appear at any time of the year after ample preparation. The ACCA Business and Technology exam is a necessary requisite to moving further towards completion of ACCA and entry into Applied Skill Level.

The subject is an introductory course to introduce ACCA aspirants of non-business faculties to organizations and various important aspects. Further, the subject is equally important to other students as it introduces key faculties of organization required in later courses like SBL.

Aim of ACCA Business and Technology Syllabus

The Business and Technology BT was previously known as Accountant in Business AB or F1 paper. Despite the name change, the course has no addition or removal of contents in it from September 2019. The syllabus aims remain the same as well and its focus is primarily aimed towards introducing students to business, its environment, and the effects resulting from these on business structures.

Further, the course imparts knowledge of accounting and other key operations of the business that are important to the efficient, ethical, and effective management of people, business systems, and the business itself.

ACCA Business and Technology Exam Format

BT paper is a CBE exam taken at the center of student’s choice. Students need to prepare amply and check with the local ACCA-approved CBE Centre like Seed Financial Academy and choose a date to appear for the Acca exam. Student’s comprehension of the ACCA Business and Technology syllabus tested in a two-hour long exam format. The computer exam consists of two sections A and B. Section A consists of 30 two marks and 16 one marks objective questions.

The latter half of the question paper consists of 6 four mark questions designed to test student’s multi-tasking ability on basis of six key sections of the course. Students need to gain at least 50 percent marks to clear the subject

Capabilities imparted to students

Subsequent to completion of the business and Technology BT course students are expected to gain the following skills and knowledge.

  • Recognize types and purpose of businesses along with its method of interaction towards the environment and important stakeholders.
  • Comprehend organization structures, its function along with role of corporate governance.
  • Identify accountancy and audit’s role in communication, report and assurance of financial information, effective compliance, internal control of financial, and other data through knowledge of functions, systems, and new accounting tools.
  • Know about the principles of leadership and authority.
  • Understand recruitment, management, motivation, and development of team and individual.
  • Realize the significance relating to personal effectiveness for the effective operation of team and organization.
  • Grasp the need of complying with professional ethics and values while conducting business and finance activity. Further, students need to understand that they must adhere to all ethics and lawful business practices while working in the future.