Build a Rewarding Career in Finance with ACCA

January 3, 2021

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Institute, a global professional accounting body, formed in 1904 offers the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification.

It operates through a chain of over 104 offices and centers in 52 countries

Why Study ACCA?

The ACCA Qualification is a very comprehensive qualification, syllabus covering almost all the subjects in the discipline of accountancy and management such as taxation, auditing, law, business studies, professional and ethical issues, management accounting, financial management, and financial reporting.

The qualification is designed to provide a wide range of skills to the students and to ensure that the members are equipped with all the competencies required to work in a wide range of organizations and in a wide variety of job roles.

Benefits of the Qualification:

  1. Gives the student the opportunity to become a Charactered Accountant professional, in a variety of organizations; finance, management, or any sort of enterprise. It has flexible career options.
  2. It has a flexible course giving students the option to work while they study, they also can strike a good balance between study and work. Some exams can be taken in demand, therefore, having the flexibility to progress at your own place.
  3. ACCA qualification has strong recognition all over the globe from educational institutes to the United Nations, thus, qualified professionals can work all over the world.
  4. ACCA professionals are in high demand, enterprise requires accounting professionals who understand the financial needs as well as who can evaluate and purpose business solutions, ACCA is designed to equip with such necessary skills and knowledge, which increases the carrier prospects.
  5. Since it is one most respected and globally recognized qualifications, ACCA qualified professionals can work in up to 180 countries.
  6. ACCA doesn’t make its members familiar only with financial knowledge but also builds their personality for real-life business prospects.

Besides the above reason, here is some reason why many people are signing up for the ACCA.

Supported by Quality Tuition:

The ACCA program provides you a network of learning partners to assist and guide you. With the option to study full-time or part-time, in a classroom or online, you can find tuition that suits your needs.

Face-to-face: With an Approved Learning Partner, you can apply for full-time, part-time courses. This is a great way to learn and also meet other ACCA students.

Online: This gives you the flexibility to learn anywhere or at a pace that’s right for you. You can study at times that work for your schedule. It could be a good option if you’re studying having a full-time job.

Blended: It is a combination of both types of learning. It gives you even more flexibility in studying, grasping the benefits of online study, also having a face-to-face session with a qualified tutor.

Stand Out to the Best Employers:

Employers across the world hunt trained ACCA professionals. Following are some qualities that ACCA members build and stand out to the best employers.

– It’s a tough market, professional needs something extra, ACCA stands you out, ACCA members have the skills and expertise that pure degree won’t give.

– ACCA Members have a well-balanced view of the business, not just knowledge of financial statements and auditors.

– They can look into management information and help to spot trends

– It shows they have the desire and ability to work

– It is very established in the market as an international degree

– Members will be trained in technical skills, strategic and analytical thinking.

Join Our Global Network

Members can do the following things after joining ACCA.

-Can meet valuable contacts at networking events.

-Can chat to students on Acca virtual learning COMMUNITY.

-Can be part of a network of over 200000 members.

After you become a member, you can connect with thousands of finance experts across the globe, helping you build a strong skilled network in today’s rapidly changing business world.

Get the Support You Need to Succeed:

Members will get access to their ACCA’S free, dedicated resources and materials on their website. Its 24-hour support service is available whenever you wish it, officials answer queries or to offer recommendations to students.

Be Part of the Organisation that Thinks Ahead:

ACCA is part of the movement to drive drastic change in the accountancy sector, advising, regulators and the government’s multinational companies and huge business.

In addition to it, ACCA members around the globe will be able to push an agenda with transparency helping shape the future of business and accountancy.


ACCA or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a global professional membership body for chartered certified accountants.

UK government officially recognizes ACCA as a Recognized Supervisory Body (RSB), similarly, the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) also recognizes ACCA.

With such recognition and ACCA’s long term partnerships, members are guaranteed to be able to work internationally in corporations ranging from accounting, banking, consulting, finance, audit, and business management.

The hardest ACCA papers

The good aspect of tips for ACCA exams is that you can take multiple attempts to pass. Diplomatically, all the papers are difficult if enough practice is not done. The hardness of the ACCA paper highly subjective, however, below are some of the hardest papers.

  • F6 (UK Taxation) and P6 (Advanced Taxation)

F6 (UK Taxation) and P6 (Advanced Taxation) are quite difficult because it covers topics that require composure of mind and quick analysis of the question before answering. Even if you understand the question the way it is structured could make attendees write much more than the time limit and likely to end up with an unfinished exam. Globally, it has the lowest pass score i.e. 38% and 36% (as of 2016)

  • Advanced Performance Management (formerly P5)

Advanced Performance Management has the lowest global pass compared to other  ACCA papers (33% as of 2020). Every year, students make similar mistakes ending up failing the test.

Some students can pass the paper for the first time without trying too much, while others take it a few times. It depends a lot on your aptitude and interest in the various subjects. Find what your final career goal is and study hard for it.

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