How are ACCA Exams Marked?

December 19, 2022


With the growing number of students wanting to pursue ACCA, the success and failure rates certainly fluctuate. Sitting for all the ACCA exams can be hectic and requires a lot of one’s time and hard work. Regarding cases where students do not feel like they have achieved what they have worked for or are not sure how to prepare for the ACCA papers usually have an enthusiasm towards how ACCA exams are marked and it is completely normal. In fact, having knowledge of how the ACCA exams are marked can help students to make a proper structure of their study schedule. Therefore in this blog, you will get descriptive instructions on how are ACC exams marked. 

What you can be Assured About

As per the ACCA institution itself, each examiner leads a group of qualified markers who are tasked with marking the applicants’ exam papers. In order to address potential issues and develop a clear marking plan, markers’ meetings are held as soon as possible following the final paper for each test session. The marking staff does not know the identities of the candidates in order to maintain impartiality in the script marking. At each exam session, we don’t establish a goal proportion of students who pass. Your performance on any given paper is completely unaffected by your exam history or the performance of other candidates. Examiners and Markers pay close attention to ambiguous scripts and the requirement for uniformity across exam markers.

Marking Computer-Based Exams

The computer automatically marks the on-demand CBE examinations, and you receive your score right away. There is no space for error since the computer can instantly detect whether a question is right or wrong.

Marking paper-based exams

The examiner for each ACCA test oversees a group of trained exam markers who are tasked with marking exam papers for all other sections.

How are ACCA Exams Written?

The Examiner, the Assessor, the Subject Coordinator, and the Test Sitter make up the examining team that creates your ACCA exam paper. The Examiner drafts the questions, making sure they are precise and well-phrased and including red herring responses based on typical student errors, covering as much of the curriculum as feasible. The Examiner then hands the Assessor the exam paper. The Assessor passes the exam paper to the Subject Coordinator after ensuring that the proposed solutions and mark scheme are appropriate, the test questions are pertinent, and the paper is fair and balanced. The subject coordinator determines whether the exam corresponds to the standards necessary for that level of the exam, whether it is consistent with earlier exam sessions, and whether it doesn’t overly overlap with previous exams. Finally, the Exam Sitter takes the exam themselves to ensure that it can be finished in the allotted time and to identify any issues that require adjustment.

Do ACCA examiners know who I am?

No, just your writing is visible to the marking crew. They don’t see your name or any other identifying information to prevent prejudice or unintentional bias. 

Do ACCA examiners have a target pass mark?

The ACCA wants as many students to pass as feasible. Thus, the testing group doesn’t establish a target proportion of successful applicants. 

How many ACCA papers does each examiner mark?

The number of the reviewing crew and the difficulty of the article will determine how many ACCA papers each examiner mark. To minimize undue pressure that may result in mistakes, there is a complete team of competent test markers, and one exam marker is given at most 400 papers only. There is a lot of effort the ACCA puts into accurately marking exam papers. To guarantee that marking is transparent, uniform, and fair, they have several inspections and a rigid methodology. However, if you believe that there has been a mistake, you can seek also administrative review to have your ACCA exam results verified.


To sum up, the ACCA exams are marked in a procedure that is impartial and reliable. After the final test for that paper is finished, all of the markers gather to address any potential problems with the paper and to set a precise, uniform marking system that everyone will adhere to. The marking procedure is moderated by the examination team, who make sure that everyone follows the marking criteria accurately and consistently. There are nine independent checks made during the marking procedure to make sure the exam markers are accurate. The markers utilize marking software to verify that they have not missed any questions, inserted the wrong answers, or made any other administrative mistakes after scanning your paper online. The marking team double-checks any scripts that are on the edge from 47 to 53 to ensure that no errors have been committed that might determine a pass or a fail. Any inconsistencies are properly examined and addressed. Before the formal publication, the ACCA performs a number of additional tests to guarantee the accuracy of the findings.