August 2, 2020

Seed Financial Academy, a prominent ACCA College in Nepal has launched its own E-Learning platform for its students branded as “SEED E-ACADEMY”. E-Academy will provide an alternative learning platform by introducing Recorded Lectures for all ACCA Papers in Nepal. Our E-learning platforms contribute for digital education in Nepal

Online Learning platform in Nepal

ACCA students, through Seed E-Academy, can purchase and prepare for 4 papers currently (FA, PM, FR, AA) and will be extended to all papers by the end of 2020. The lecture includes PowerPoint presentations with in-depth audio commentary, developed and delivered by a vibrant pool of tutors. Students can also download worksheets, exam-style questions and other exclusive ACCA study materials. They will also receive suggested readings and assignment reviews from top tutors and can directly contact tutors in case of queries related to the subject.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Academic Director, Ananta Gautam announced that the E-Academy courses will be provided free to all students of Seed Financial Academy, a major step taken by the college to introduce the blended learning model for ACCA courses in Nepal. Blended learning combines online digital learning with traditional place-based classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace.

Gautam also announced that with the introduction of the blended learning model, the college will be able to provide 3 months’ session on certain papers like Corporate & Business Law (LW), Financial Reporting (FR) and Audit & Assurance (AA). He emphasized on how fragile the 3 months’ session classes had been run in Nepal without proper planning and faced problems of course completion and revision. Now, with Blended Learning Model, Seed claims to fill the gap that students felt missing in those sessions with its strategy to focus on exam preparation and techniques during physical classes and theoretical aspects during online learning to ensure the timely completion of the syllabus with enough time for students for revision.

The students who had  enrolled in “ Seed E-academy” online lectures during development phase gave an immensely positive response. One of the students, Ujjwal said, “The lectures are thorough, complete and exam-oriented. Tutors are succinct. The standards are high and it will surely be advantageous for students all over Nepal who wish to study ACCA from home or workplace without compromising on quality.

The initiative amid the pandemic is a praiseworthy step. Students willing to get enrolled in ACCA but unable to get back to Kathmandu or to attend physical classes will not have to wait until the pandemic stops. The college has been pushing boundaries from time to time, be it partnering with employers, internship placements or addressing ACCA job market problems with “employ ability skills” paper and with the ‘e-academy’ initiative, Seed continues to be the most forward-thinking ACCA learning provider in Nepal.