Thank You Tutors

January 9, 2020

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO SEED. We’ve all grown with SEED this one year, steadily and substantially. And no doubt, the major credit goes to our beloved teachers. Let’s take a moment to celebrate their contribution to our furtherance.

When the guru-shishya relationship has evolved in itself since ancient times, this, in professional studies such as ACCA has an even zestful association. Our teachers here have been doing more than just feeding us with course contents during the class hours, by being present as a constant support system. The tutor, motivate, inspire as well as guide.

The strictest teacher in the class can be candid outside of the classroom. Such friendly interactions don’t induce indiscipline; instead, that is when real talks happen. The semi-formal approach of dealing with the students facilitates better and more open communication of students’ problems. It makes it easier for students to network and create valuable connections. This I think, is mostly attributable to the fact that they are young and are a cooler presence in the classroom than a typical college dean or school principal. Thus they tend to be more relatable to the students as they can set the tone of the lectures likewise and bring to the table a fresher, progressive perspective, by giving relevant examples, throwing in a few jokes and encouraging discussion.

There’s a thin line between the classroom being fun or rowdy, which is balanced by discipline. But (most) professional students are sensible enough to realize their purpose of being in the class and be self-motivated to learn, and thus the latter is never a problem. Their young blood energy of the teachers resonates with the students. Maybe because they have gone through similar struggles of student life not very long ago, so they are really very heedful about catering to specific intellectual needs of various calibers of students. At this level, they should not have to check the class and test performances, yet they do. Their actions and gestures clearly show how much they care for us, for instance, leaving an inspiring quote at the end of test question paper or, dealing with queries and sending course relevant articles through online groups.

The panel of tutors is proof that age does not define experience or knowledge. They have acquired the competence and humbling experience because they started early. They are working professionals so even the performance of their job requires them to be updated with any new changes in the rules and regulations, including things not in the ACCA syllabus yet. They are here to give us more than the books do, and they do. They even encourage research-based study habits among the students, and to not limit themselves to the syllabus.

Our teachers definitely set an admirable example on ACCA qualified professionals should be like.  They are undoubtedly playing their role well in the flourishment of the ACCA community.

Asmita Thapa, Student at Seed Financial Academy