Why Choose Seed Financial for ACCA Study?

June 23, 2022

ACCA is a world-renowned professional accounting association with Chartered Certified Accountant qualifications in more than 50 countries worldwide. The total number of exams you will have to sit for is 13, and you will at least require 3 years for the course completion. The exam is significant if you wish to earn an ACCA membership and join the team of more than 200,000 other ACCA members around the globe.

The course follows a particular syllabus consisting of 3 levels mentioned below:

  1. Applied Knowledge,
  2. Applied Skills, and
  3. Strategic Professional

Is the ACCA Course Even Beneficial?

Absolutely yes, the ACCA course benefits all those inspiring accounting professionals who were seeking a new way to boost their knowledge in accounting, administration, and organizational responsibilities. Let’s have a look at how ACCA can benefit you.

  • Did you know? ACCA can raise your pay by 4.25 to 5 %.
  • The demand for employees in the accounting field will increase hugely as 96% of the top companies around the World are planning to hire employees who are accounting and administration graduates.
  • ACCA can offer you employment opportunities outside your home country with a fantastic pay scale.

About Seed Financial Academy

Seed Financial Academy is the No.1 ACCA Academy in Nepal. It is a CBE centre of ACCA licensed institute that focuses on delivering A 1 educational support, professional guidance, and outstanding output. We aim to provide a remarkable chance for Nepalese students to gain a world-class enterprise education so they won’t have to limit their talent and become a part of the global market. Similarly, the teaching faculty at seeds hold top-notch expertise in ACCA teaching. Each one of the teaching faculty members has above 3 to 10 and more years of professional experience in guiding students with ACCA-related subjects like finance, accounting, and others.

Why choose Seed Financial for ACCA Study?

We offer you multiple reasons to join us, but considering them will make a list too long. So, let’s look at the key points why you should choose seed financial academy for your ACCA study.

  • Seed financial academy is the only ACCA academy in Nepal to provide physical classes, recorded lectures, and online lectures.
  • We constantly produce great results, and our alumni are rank holders in Nepal and the entire World.
  • We offer campus placements through which our students get an extra chance to explore internship and career opportunities.
  • The institute has an excellent infrastructure, a fully furnished library, and well-equipped computer labs for CBE practice.
  • We conduct a regular mock test.
  • Teaching professional experience from 3 years to over 10 years

What else?

Some of the other courses seeds financial academy offers are:

  • BSc.Hons in Applied Accounting
  • Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (DipIFR)
  • Diploma in Accounting and Business: Foundation In Accountancy (FIA)