ACCA Career as a Tax Consultant

April 15, 2020
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ACCA Career in Nepal as a Tax Expert | Scope of ACCA / CA in Nepal

ACCA Career as a Tax Consultant: ACCA is perfect if you’re looking to build your career as a Tax consultant. ACCA consists of three levels; Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional, and you’ll need to complete relevant work experience before you can qualify as an ACCA Member. Not only it gives you an opportunity to grow and make a renowned career but it also helps you become expert in your professional career.

Tax consultants, also known as tax preparers, are experts in tax planning. They give advice, prepare, and assist individuals or companies in tax filing or returns and help them pay the right amount of tax. They serve businesses and individuals by maintaining their competency updating themselves with new taxation policies.

“Life in tax is a continuous learning process. You have to stay sharp to keep up with new clients and new regulations.”-  Tax Director 

ACCAs develop the required skills and knowledge and make themselves the most forward-thinking professional accountants which is a key competency to become a Tax consultant.

Exam options

For those who work in tax and aspire to be a tax accountant, the most relevant exams are:

  • Taxation – F6 (TX)

The purpose of this paper is to implement relevant knowledge, techniques, and skills, and exercise professional judgment as expected of a taxation expert, in supporting decisions relating to the taxation of an organization.

  • Advanced Taxation  (ATX)

This is an optional paper in strategic professional level. It aims to gain expert knowledge of direct and indirect taxes as well as to make the students acquire the ability to apply expert knowledge in actual practice. You’ll apply related skills, Knowledge, and exercise professional judgment in providing relevant information and advice to individuals and businesses on the impact of the major taxes on financial decisions. If you have a vision to work as a tax consultant, then this exam could be a good choice for you.

Career Pathway in tax

Career development in taxation is very progressive. Having ACCA as a professional qualification helps you to be competitive and stand out of the crowd. Taxes apply to everyone in every aspect of life – individuals, small and medium sized businesses, large businesses, non-profit organisations, and they all need a Tax expert to plan for them for compliance with both national and international taxation laws. This will always keep the career in high demand. Also, the salary is competitive and the job security is high – after all, there will always be taxes.

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Reference: ACCA Global

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