Find Out Why We Are Number One For Accountancy Students

November 4, 2022

A choice you make while searching for your educational institute to pursue your degree will affect the rest of your life. Therefore, it is important that you join an institute with a company that is likewise planning for the future to ensure that the knowledge and skills you acquire will be in demand for many years to come. You select an opportunity-rich future when you choose Seed financial academy and take your step ahead into the strategic, futuristic financial expert the world needs. You also give yourself access to a fulfilling, fascinating anointing career that will let you go wherever you desire with our accounting courses. Seed financial academy is a well-known financial institution and facilitator of the ACCA study for professional accountancy credentials in Nepal. Additionally, Seed is also a Gold Approved Learning Partner and is committed to delivering top-notch outcomes with the help of its committed faculty.

Some of the main reasons we are the number one institution for accountancy students are:


Leading a group of expert faculty members with experience in offering top-notch professional accountancy education, Seed is constantly working to provide excellent education at its campus with cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure. Seed seeks to give its students a special opportunity to receive top-notch business education. We have a prominent faculty team with many years of experience teaching professional accounting courses, ranging from 3 to 10.

Blended Model of Learning

Seed financial institution is the only College in Nepal to Provide a Blended Model of Learning. We believe that in today’s age of technology, students need to experience it in the calls themselves. Therefore, our learning model includes access to physical classes, recorded lectures, and online lectures.

Build soft skills with us

Employers will continue to require the skills you develop while studying accounting throughout your whole professional career. Along with extensive technical understanding, you’ll master the professional strategies required for future accountants to flourish. You will be taught about transferable skills which include everything from teamwork and communication to ethics. Your work life will be characterized by the abilities you acquire while studying with us. You will acquire the professional methods that aspiring accountants will need to succeed in addition to the in-depth technical knowledge that is required. These approaches are transferrable skills that range from ethics and teamwork to communication.

We make you ready for the job market

With the help of our competency framework, which you can use to your advantage, you can see all the abilities you’ll acquire while studying with us as well as potential job roles.

ACCA Course at Seed financial academy

The ACCA credential is recognized by employers all across the world. An ACCA membership is your ticket into any industry. Because accounting is the foundation of every firm, it will always be necessary. All businesses require accountants. It is a profession that is highly valued on a global scale. Graduates with accounting degrees have qualified positions as professionals in many different industries. To operate efficiently, every organization needs accounting graduates. An ACCA degree combined with your accountancy background gives you the best qualification that opens doors all over the world. When it comes to handling payroll, audits, and financial management is an essential component of a company. If you have a degree in accounting, you might want to look into ACCA at Seed financial academy for further studies because it can help you in a number of ways.

Student assistance

We want to work with you to find the best strategy for maximizing your academic accounting journey. We can help you schedule your exam times to suit you (ACCA). We are one of the approved learning partners of ACCA assuring you  the greatest chance of success in your ACCA journey. We consistently organize programs for career and interpersonal development that make you work-ready when you start your professional career.

At seed financial academy, we aim to offer students a top-notch accounting and business studies curriculum and assist them in becoming effective business managers to draw in the most talented and intelligent students and mentor them in becoming technically and professionally competent. We want to prepare our students for success in the workplace by developing them not only intellectually but also in areas like interpersonal & communication skills.