My ACCA Journey with SEED | ACCA in Nepal

May 20, 2020

I had just completed my Foundations module of ACCA when the buzz of a new ACCA College in Nepal was everywhere over the internet and among friends, which assembled a dynamic team of acclaimed tutors and management. So I joined and started my ACCA journey with SEED, the promising learning provider,  and have recently completed my skills level from here.

I find that Seed has a healthy environment where students can flourish. The vibe has only gotten better with more people. Everyone is friendly and celebratory at all times. A culture has formed to help each other out, without unhealthy competition. The library is my favorite space for group study and conversations. Seed has truly given a close-to-university experience that we students of professional courses rarely get to have. We have fun. It especially feels like I’m in college again when they sit us down for surprise mock tests.

The tutors have been doing a phenomenal job and been nothing but uplifting. It amazes me how gracefully they disseminate their knowledge from their years of experience to us. I specifically learned how interesting and simplified they’ve made lectures when I was absent for a few days and had to cover some topics. I grasp better hold of the subject matter by listening; so I love it when they induce class discussions. It is admirable how they focus first on understanding as a key to pass exams. Besides, the tutors always commend me on having done a good job, no matter how small or big. Outside the teaching hours too, they have acted as constructive critiques and career coaches time and again, in showing me opportunities for growth as well as letting me know of my weaknesses and ways to improve.

I’ve experienced first-hand that Seed management cares. They take regular reviews and immediately act upon suggestions. They innovate on new ways to help us students; I have benefitted a great deal from advanced Excel training and employability skills sessions.
I have the advantage of living nearby the college, so I would spend a lot of time at the Seed library, or in empty classrooms, or on the rooftop tables with big fancy umbrellas. That’s where I get to talk to everyone and that’s how I get acquainted with such interesting and inspiring people. I found my clan of like-minded ambitious peers. It has played a vital role in shaping my persona.

This was also where I learned that my opinion matters too, juniors would look up to me. I became cautious of the impression they make of me to be taken seriously at least, even if I couldn’t be exemplary. That realization was a leap towards behaving professionally that will be expected of us as qualified ACCAs. And then I was chosen to host the first episode of the Seed show. Anant Sir had found a good use for my talkative nature and it was a good boost for my confidence.

I can say I’ve gained more from Seed than I bargained for. Not only has SEED been grooming me to be a competent accountant, but also maturity about life is happening here. I’m especially thankful for Seed playing its part in the series of coincidences that led me to this composed place I am in today, opening doors for so much there is to achieve further. I look forward to the classes to resume and to grow with SEED.

Asmita Thapa
ACCA Finalist at Seed Financial Academy