Online ACCA Classes vs Physical classes

April 22, 2022

ACCA is one of the courses which offers students both online and physical classes. But there might be questions about which to choose and what might be the right fit for you. The pandemic we all faced is also transforming the education industry from physical to online classes. In the context of Nepal, the ACCA course is slowly growing. Thus, there are limited institutes supporting students with broader options to study. But, before we talk about where you can find opportunities to choose from while taking your ACCA degree, let us discuss classroom and online learning. Classroom learning is more of a traditional approach to learning compared to online classes. The world has been gradually switching to online learning as it is more convenient and inexpensive than classroom learning. Whereas physical classes do not offer students flexibility and other benefits, their popularity is declining.

Now that we have a little knowledge about both of these subjects, let us observe the key differences between them:

DifferencesClassroom learning Online learning
Travelling Travelling can be one of the drawbacks of attending classroom classes as it consumes a lot of your time. Especially if the educational institute you are enrolled in is far from your place, traveling might turn out hectic.Online classes do not require you to travel. Enrolling in online classes will enable you to have flexibility while learning. You can learn from anywhere at any time you want. In addition, Online classes are best when you are residing far away from your education institute.
Socializing Classroom learning provides students with a place to discover like-minded individuals and make a community. Having many friends by yourself can help you with encouragement and assistance while learning.Online learning does not offer you live interactions with other people learning with you simultaneously. You will have to manage to be motivated and help yourself.
Cost   Traditional classroom learning costs you comparable more pricey than online classes. The classroom itself includes a lot of goods the education institute expends. Hence, enrolling in classroom classes will cost you more money.Online learning is usually cheaper than physical classes as there are no infrastructure means involved. Thus, you can get to study for less amount of money.
Quality  A classroom has multiple numbers of students gathered together to study. Therefore, when discussions occur or any other distractions come along, the teacher might not be able to teach correctly. Students can individually determine their pace of learning in online classes, which helps students feel more relaxed while knowing.
PaceMaking friends is great. However, it can sometimes make you feel pressurized. The number of students you are studying with might make you feel overwhelmed and demotivate you. Chances are that you might miss out on important topics.Students can individually determine their pace of learning in online classes which helps students to feel more relaxed while learning.

But where do you get to choose from both classes in Nepal?

Seed financial academy is one of Nepal’s finest education institutes, taking ACCA classes both physically and virtually. Additionally, the institute also provides the option of viewing recorded classes so that the students can go through the lectures as many times as they wish. This will help students never miss out on anything and cover everything taught.

Seed offers a unique platform to its students called SEED E-ACADEMY.The platform lets students interact with teachers and take classes wherever they like. All you have to do to relish this feature is log in to the system. How? Well, there are a few steps you can take:

Step 1: Visit the seed e-academy site on your device.

Step 2: Log in to the system providing two of the credentials’ Username or Email Address and the password.

Step 3: Get Access to the system.